In Defense of God’s Law

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Is it astonishing that great confusion reigns today in the world? How could it be otherwise when our Lord Jesus Christ has been expelled from the cosmos, the Christian faith being relegated to the rank of mere human religion? But how then shall it be with the Church whose members suffer from similar confusion? This spiritual disorder is characterized by the effort—conscious or not—to separate Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God, from His Word. It is to be feared that many Christians today, whilst verbally confessing Jesus Christ, deny Him by rejecting His teachings, His commandments, His Law. Such Christians, to justify themselves, are quick to cry: « We are now no longer under Law, but under grace! » Sadly, this affirmation, true within the context of Paul’s apostolic teaching, becomes false when abused to define the attitude of Christians to God’s Law. Such confusion is no accident; it is caused by the ignorance of that exact understanding of the Scriptures by those who should be masters of the Word. In Defense of God’s Law comes in good season to remind us of the importance and beauty of the divine Law. It reminds us that there is no salvation outside of divine grace and that the grace of God confers on all who receive it both the capacity and willingness to obey the commandments of God. This book reminds us of God’s sovereign authority over the created world: here and now, at all times and everywhere. May its readers, refusing all personal and public rejection of the divine Law, be drawn with the Psalmist to rejoice in God’s every ordinance, manifesting thus in their whole lives the glory of our Lord, Creator, and Savior.

Auteur : Jean-Marc Berthoud
Editeur  :Zurich Publishing
Date de publication : 1 janvier 2022
Longueur : 303 pages
ISBN : 9780984378548
Prix catalogue : 28,53 €