Pierre Viret the Theologian

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Writing with clarity and precision, within Pierre Viret the Theologian author Jean-Marc Berthoud examines the life and theology of this forgotten giant of the Reformation. Addressing both Viret’s writing and its theological and philosophical implications, he provides poignantly relevant applications to the contemporary moral battles of our own day.

Within these pages Berthoud analyzes Pierre Viret’s thought on how man attains a true knowledge of God as well as how the world and history are to be viewed through this knowledge. Drawing on a work written by Douglas Kelly, Berthoud then discusses Viret’s teaching on the image of God in man. He also examines the Swiss Reformer’s understanding of the jurisdictional bounds between Church and State, the definition and use of natural law, and the application of God’s Law to society. He also insightfully compares Pierre Viret and his fellow-Reformer John Calvin, noting the similarities and differences between the two men and highlighting the distinct yet complementary aspects of their thought and writings.

Auteur : Jean-Marc Berthoud
Editeur  : Psalm78 Ministries
Date de publication : 28 mai 2019
Longueur : 152 pages
ISBN : 9781070261652
Prix catalogue : 14,22 €