The Majesty of the Law of God

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“Jean-Marc Berthoud is one of the great Reformed theologians of our time. I am delighted to see another one of his works translated into English. . . . In this new book, The Majesty of the Law of God, beautifully translated by R. A. Sheats, we once again encounter his scholarship and passion for the Law of God. The book comprises sermons dedicated to the study of the Ten Commandments, with consistent applications to various facets of human and social reality. At a time when not only in Brazil but in the world at large, even Reformed Christians reject the validity of the Law of God for the Church and society, this volume is more than welcome. I highly recommend it!”
Felipe Sabino, Founder and Editor-in-chief (Editora Monergismo)
Brasília, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

“In a day when many Christians assume a conflict between law and grace, between Old Testament and New Testament, and between Mount Sinai and Mount Calvary, Jean-Marc Berthoud has given us a timely reminder that the giving of God’s law was itself a remarkable act of grace. By grace the law was given and by grace the law is loved and obeyed.”
Pastor John Huffman, Belleville, IL

“In his latest book, The Majesty of the Law of God, Berthoud gives a concise yet comprehensive analysis of the uses of the law as intended by God for His people throughout all ages. As the author carefully takes us through the summation of the law in the Ten Commandments, and very importantly, its summation by Christ Himself in the New Testament, we see the intention of it to bring us to Christ and as a timeless roadmap for all of life. In it we are given the principles for righteousness in all areas of life, personal and public, as well as for the proper structuring of society itself. . . . We are challenged with fresh prompting to put this God-given law into action in our lives in very practical and tangible ways. We obey not to purchase our salvation but to please the God we love. Didn’t Jesus Himself say, “If ye love Me, keep My commandments”? We see how inseparable the unchanging law is from its unchanging Author and thus its relevance for us today as followers of the One who graciously gave it. We are challenged to love our God by loving His disclosure of Himself to us in the law; it should cause us to say with the psalmist, ‘the righteousness of Thy testimonies is everlasting, give me understanding, and I shall live.’”
Karl Hueging, Elder, Woodlands Gospel Chapel, Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada

“Jean-Marc Berthoud of Lausanne is a prolific writer, and this subject is one of his specialties. . . . Berthoud steers clear of the distortions of legalism, rules as an end in themselves, and antinomianism, the no rules at all of the “my truth” mentality. If these questions are new to you, this book will make them accessible and meaningful for you.”
Paul Wells, emeritus professor, Faculté Jean Calvin, Aix-en-Provence, France

“Of a truth, it is never a question of law or no law, but rather whose law? Law is the organizing structure of human civilization, which makes it one of the most important components of culture. . . . In refreshing clarity Jean-Marc’s biblical and legal insight cuts through all the confusion that often clouds the issue of law and justice, giving an understandable perspective on why God’s law is the only real solution to the world’s problems. This translation, however, is not only for the theologian, pastor or Bible teacher. This is a work of such great importance that it must be read by lawyers, magistrates, law enforcement officers, legislators and all government leaders. The Majesty of the Law of God is a textbook of justice for the good of every nation and the future survival of a civil mankind.”
Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Pastor, Reformed Bible Church in Central Virginia, founder and dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

Auteur : Jean-Marc Berthoud
Editeur  : Psalm78 Ministries
Date de publication : 26 août 2023
Longueur : 168 pages
ISBN : 9798859136384
Prix catalogue : 14,58 €